Cloud as a destination is demythologized: Dheeraj Pandey, Nutanix

Cloud as a destination is demythologized: Dheeraj Pandey, Nutanix

The demystification of the word cloud and all things associated with it has never been easy across the ecosystem of tech OEMs, channel partners and CIOs.

An enterprise cloud company, Nutanix, like other technology providers, is attempting to deconstruct cloud which is- simpler to understand and easier to deploy by the organizations.

When asked about the hype around this technology, Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey in an interview to IDG India 12 months ago commented that cloud has been bastardized.

On his India visit a few weeks ago, we rechecked with Pandey if the cloud has become loud and clear to modern companies? Pandey says, “Cloud as a destination is being demythologized because the only way to consume a cloud is to rent it is basically under question now. Especially because of large corporations, IoT innovation, and the fact that there is so much action happening on the edge – edge clouds, remote clouds and so on. How does one really collect all the data and other essential things produced at the edge and move to the large datacenter at the core.”

Pandey who is also founder and chairman of Nutanix elaborates, “The two laws at play--laws of land and laws of physics–make it really hard for companies and CIOs to just have a central cloud architecture. Cloud will get dispersed and computing will be pushed to the edge. Because there will be lot more analytics, inferences, summarization, aggregation of data at the edge and only relevant summaries will be pushed into a core cloud which is central cloud itself.”

The architecture of cloud as we speak is being redefined as per him. Especially most of the spend is happening at Global 5000 and those companies are defining what cloud really means to them, he adds.

“We are already in Cloud 2.0 because of IoT and other trends. Version 1.0 was the centralized cloud and 2.0 is the dispersed cloud. There is a need for yet another operating system and not just massive datacenters in the numbers of 10, 15 or 20.”

The regression of globalization with Brexit, nationalistic tendencies in the US, China to name a few does not mean this idea of computing to be more efficient and get economies of scale will get lost and buried he points out.

“It is about how do you have your cake and eat it too. You will disperse the data plane of the cloud (Hardware and apps) with the centralized management piece to get the best of both worlds,” he adds.

The economic turbulence and business climate will accelerate more companies towards opex as per Dheeraj. “This ties back to the modern consumer behavior which real-time, bite-sized and extremely attention span challenged. The fast pace of innovation means that the companies can’t make five years, three years or even one year plan. The companies probably have to really navigate like sharks in this red ocean for that competitive edge,” he reasons.

“If the companies plan a year in advance then the agile world about pays as you, plan as you go, deploy as you go, consume as you go, innovate as you go. The yesteryear IT strategy of innovation for three years and deploy for the next two is down and dusted,” says Dheeraj.

“The idea of batch processing is vanishing which happened with operating system three decades ago. What machines and OS went through in the last thirty years, the humans and organizations are going through today,” he says.

Nutanix’s innovation is all in hybrid now to make both – private and public - work as one and a similar experience. “It’s a difficult problem similar to what did with converged infra about six years ago. We took one customer at a time, one workload at a time and gained each customer's trust and then moved on to the next. That will be the GTM with the hybrid cloud for the next five years,” says Dheeraj.

Is cloud 2.0 transitioned into a pull model from push one a few years ago? “It is in the early majority phase but not in the late majority laggards. Late majority laggards by definition are heavily regulated industries which have process and process everywhere. They don’t have the same competitive pressures but eventually at some level, they do realize the value of cloud because they have to reduce cost and so on,” he says.

“Industries that are actually less regulated and that have high competitive dynamics are the ones that pick these new things like the cloud as they are more paranoid about getting disrupted,” says Dheeraj.

Cloud is not about what but it’s a how as per him. “It can never be a destination. It’s the how for cheaper, faster, better, more efficient, agile business,” he adds.

Virtualization a decade ago was a CIO strategy and today nobody talks about virtualization as he talks about tech trend which were end in itself to now becoming the means to an end. Virtualization was used to build a cloud hence you don’t talk about it, you don’t pay for it anymore, and you don’t have the giant team to manage it anymore as per him.

The cloud in the next five years will become the means to the end and not an end in itself, says Dheeraj Pandey CEO at Nutanix.


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